Courses Schedule And Registration

Now, we are offering Virtual/Online classes as well.  And a 6-hour course can be split into two 3-hour sessions or three 2-hour sessions.

Computer Training Solutions for Individuals or Organizations

Whether you are looking for computer training for several employees, a department, an entire organization, or for your own personal reasons, we offer on-site and off- site training. Our services focus on the full cycle of training – from identifying and assessing your skills, to developing customized and effective training. We invite you to work with us to find the best suited training package to keep you and your company competitive.

One-on-One Training Packages

ECT offers private, personalized training to anyone who is short on time or prefers working outside formal classroom instruction. Receive individual attention to conquer your concerns so that you can achieve your personal computer goals.
One-on-One Rates:

Regular cost per hour                                   $72

Package 1
Reg Price $150
Book one 2-hour session

Save 4% (approx)

You pay $145 *

Package 2
Reg Price $300
Book two 2-hour sessions

Save 10% (approx)

You pay $270 *

Package 3
Reg Price $450
Book three 2-hour sessions

Save 20% (approx)

You pay $360 *

Package 4
Reg Price $600
Book four 2-hour sessions

Save 25% (approx)

You pay $450 *

Group Training Packages

ECT offers on-site training meaning we come to you with our mobile computer lab as well off-site training at our facility.
Two 3-hour sessions or One Day 6-hour Workshop

Regular cost per course                               $265

Package 1
Reg Price
Book 6-hour session for 3 participants

Save 5% (approx)

You pay $840 *

Package 2
Reg Price $1770
Book 6-hour session for 6 participants

Save 10% (approx)

You pay $1,595 *

Package 3
Reg Price $2655
Book 6-hour session for 9 participants

Save 12% (approx)

You pay $2,335 *

Package 4
Reg Price $3540
Book 6-hour session for 12 participants

Save 15% (approx)

You pay $3,010 *

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