Keyboarding for Youth

Six 1- Hour Sessions

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Keyboarding for Youth



6 hours approx.

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Learn how to type correctly in just a few hours using all ten fingers.Typing speed and accuracy are increasingly important elements in today’s academic institutions. Schools are requiring the use of computers for schoolwork and assignments from kids at a younger age.

Knowing how to type makes doing school work much easier and gets the job done faster too! Our lesson plan involves custom-designed typing drills that will teach students invaluable skills they can use in elementary school, high school, and eventually in post secondary school.

Each lesson is short, simple and builds on the previous one. By the time your child/children finish this course, they will be able to confidently type all the letters, numbers and most of the common symbols properly using all ten-fingers.

1. Getting Started

1. Correct hand and body positioning
2. Learning about the different keys on the keyboard
3. First steps to typing efficiently and without looking at the keyboard

2. Lessons 1-10

1. Gradually learning to use more letters
2. Level of intensity increases with each lesson

3. Lessons 11-15

1. Utilizing the remaining letters on the keyboard
2. Implementing use of capital letters
3. Engaging in friendly typing competition with classmates