Microsoft PowerPoint for Youth

Six 1- Hour Sessions or Four 1.5-Hour Sessions


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Microsoft PowerPoint for Youth



6 hours approx.

$345 *

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Microsoft PowerPoint is a presentation program that students from elementary up to post-secondary school are increasingly needing to use for their assignments.It is perfect for organizing and displaying information as well as creating visuals aids for presentations.

PowerPoint provides a number of editing and formatting tools along with sophisticated visual elements such as clip art, pictures, SmartArt, WordArt, tables, graphs, and drawn objects.

Mastering PowerPoint enables students to complete assignments faster as well as give the work they do an extra edge that could enhance their final marks.

Getting Started

  • Microsoft Powerpoint +

    1. Starting Microsoft PowerPoint
    2. Microsoft PowerPoint screen layout
    3. Working with the ribbon
    4. The quick access toolbar

  • Working with PowerPoint +

    1. Opening a file and blank presentations
    2. Planning a presentation
    3. Creating a new presentation with available themes
    4. Saving and naming presentations
    5. Shortcuts to open, close and save a presentation

  • Working with Slides +

    1. Slide layouts
    2. Using themes
    3. Changing theme colours
    4. Inserting new slides
    5. Changing slide size
    6. Changing orientation

Inserting and Formatting

  • Working with Images & Basic Illustrations +

    1. Inserting pictures and pictures online
    2. Inserting shapes and icons
    3. Inserting symbols

  • Formatting Characters +

    1. Changing fonts
    2. Changing font size and colour
    3. Applying bold, italic, and underline
    4. Using the format painter to copy formatting
    5. Using change case options
    6. Using WordArt
    7. Clearing formatting


  • Formatting Slides +

    1. Aligning text left, center, right, and justify
    2. Changing line space
    3. Applying before and after paragraph space
    4. Copying, cutting, and pasting text
    5. Creating Bullet lists
    6. Creating number lists
    7. Inserting header and footer
    8. Adding slide number
    9. Adding date and time

  • Animating slides & Slideshow +

    1. Slide views
    2. Animating slides (adding effects)
    3. Appling transition effects
    4. Navigating & playing presentations
    5. Shortcut to run a presentation

  • Printing +

    1. Printing a presentation
    2. Printing a handout
    3. Quick printing