21. Investment Advisor Associate

May 30, 2018

I have recently trained to start a new career with an investment firm as an associate to an investment advisor. I have spent a lot of time attaining the accreditation necessary to obtain this new position and had recently completed a 6-month contract with a firm.  Having the accreditation and skill required was only half of the battle. I found that I needed to update my computer skills in order to succeed in my new career. I contacted Jorge and signed up for 8 courses! Jorge started me with a computer basic refresher and then I took Outlook level 1, Word level 1 &2, Excel level 1, 2, & 3, and finally PowerPoint level 1. I can’t say enough about Jorge and his teaching ability. He makes learning these important and sometimes complicate programs fun and easy by providing shortcuts to help me become faster and more efficient. Also, he is able to deliver the content in an understandable way that is practical to my specific position.  Jorge teaches not only the technical side of each program but also the analytical side.  I feel confident referring any family, friends and colleagues to Jorge. You will be in very good hands. Thank you, Jorge.

About Jorge Velez

Jorge Velez is passionate about computer training and committed to assisting students achieve their highest potential. He gets great satisfaction from helping his students to master the computer skills, enhance their performance, remove barriers to learning and achieve their training goals. He takes the time to fully explain procedures and his patience and easy-going style make computer-learning fun. Jorge began his career as a Sales and Marketing Manager before discovering a love and enthusiasm for computer training in 2003. He is also a Microsoft Office Specialist at the Expert level and possesses the International Computer Driving License Syllabus Version 4 (ICDL) certification according to the international standard of competence for Canadian computer users. Jorge has worked as a computer instructor for more than 15 years and specializes in the Microsoft Office Suite.