Microsoft Windows


  • Our Microsoft Windows training starts from the very beginning by explaining the basics, such as personal computer concepts, and move on to more advanced topics, such as file management, Internet, & emails. We can provide training for all versions of Windows.

Getting Started

  • Types of Computers

  • Turning on & off the computer

  • Exploring the desktop screen

  • Working with a window, minimize, maximize, close & title bar

  • Using the start menu & taskbar

  • Opening programs

Windows Settings

  • Exploring Microsoft Windows control panel

  • Modifying display settings (including screensavers, wallpaper etc)

  • Changing date & time settings

  • Opening the action center

  • Modifying or creating user accounts

  • Setting passwords

Working with Programs

  • Setting your default programs

  • Creating desktop shortcuts

  • Pining programs to the start menu & taskbar

  • Adding or removing programs

Getting Help & Maintenance

  • Maintenance: scandisk, defrag, deleting temp files

  • Using help

The Main Components


  • The Monitor & printer

  • Using the mouse: click, right click, dragging & dropping

  • Using the keyboard: special keys

  • The motherboard & central processing unit

  • The memories: ROM & RAM

  • The modem & router


  • Understanding the operating system Windows

  • Software applications

File Management

Working with Files

  • My computer & the recycle bin

  • The Library: documents, pictures, music & videos

  • Creating new folders

  • Changing folder views

  • Renaming folders & files

  • Deleting folders & files

  • Moving or coping files & folders

Working with Drives

  • Opening drives

  • Saving & retrieving files to/from an external hard drive

  • Copying & retrieving files to/from DVDs/CDs

  • Using a USB drive

The Internet

Working with the Internet

  • Exploring the Internet screen

  • Searching & navigating the Internet

  • Internet browsers: Internet Explorer, Chrome, Safari, & Mozilla

  • Working with favorites & the favorite bar

  • Setting or changing a home page

  • Inserting or closing tabs

  • Working with Internet Options

  • Antiviruses & Viruses


Working with Emails

  • Sending, receiving, replaying, or forwarding emails

  • Composing emails

  • Using Web base email accounts

  • Sending attachments