Microsoft Outlook Training – Level 2

Working with Electronic Mails

Advanced Compose Features

  • Requesting a delivery receipt

  • Requesting a read receipt for a message

  • Saving an unfinished message in the draft folder

  • Opening unfinished messages

  • Marking messages as read or unread

  • Attaching several files

Flagging Received Messages

  • Flagging a message

  • Following up on a message

  • Changing the due date for a flag

  • Adding reminder to a message

  • Flagging a message as completed

  • Removing a flag

Tagging Outgoing Messages

  • Assigning a level of importance

  • Flagging a message

  • Following up on a message

  • Changing the due date for a flag

  • Adding reminder to a message

  • Customizing a flag

  • Removing a flag

Using Search Folder

  • Creating a predefined search folder

  • Creating a custom search folder

  • Customizing a search folder

  • Renaming a search folder

  • Deleting a search folder

  • Using search folder to locate large messages/attachments

  • Using search folder to find important messages

Managing Multiple Email Accounts

  • Adding more email accounts

  • Changing the default email account

  • Working with web base email accounts

  • Selecting a sender email account before sending a message

Creating a Signature

  • Creating signatures

  • Editing a signature

  • Inserting automatically a signature in all messages

  • Inserting manually a signature in an individual message

  • Using several signatures

Working with Stationery

  • Applying stationery to a message

  • Setting a default stationery for all new messages

  • Save stationery from a message you received

  • Creating your own stationery


Reducing Junk Emails & Spams

  • Adding a name to the blocked senders list

  • Adding a name to your safe senders list

  • Adding a name to your safe recipients list

  • Setting the junk email filter options

  • Marking a message as not junk

  • Emptying the junk email folder

Working with Contacts

Advanced Contact Features

  • Organizing contacts with folder

  • Organizing contacts with categories

  • Creating & saving a vCard

  • Distributing a vCard

  • Creating a signature with a vCard

Contact Groups

  • Creating a contact group

  • Adding new contacts to an existing contact group

  • Adding notes for the contact group

  • Deleting a contact group

  • Associating activities with a contact

  • Using the contact group

Working with Calendars

Advanced Calendar Features

  • Adding new calendars

  • Viewing calendars side by side

  • Adding & removing holidays

  • Assigning activity to categories

  • Assigning colour to an activity

  • Changing the time increments

  • Viewing tasks on the TaskPad

  • Sharing calendar information with others

  • Emailing a calendar

  • Printing Calendars

Scheduling & Managing Meetings

  • Scheduling a new meeting

  • Tracking responses to meeting requests

  • Accepting a meeting request

  • Declining a meeting request

  • Proposing a new meeting time

  • Updating a meeting attendees

  • Canceling a meeting request

  • Deleting a meeting

Using the Out of Office Assistant

  • Automatically replying to incoming messages while out of office

  • Turning an “out of office assistant” rule on or off

  • Creating a custom reply template

  • Creating rule to send the custom reply while out of office

  • Deleting a rule

Working with Tasks

Using Tasks

  • Opening the tasks folder

  • Creating a task

  • Viewing & updating a task

  • Prioritizing a task

  • Marking a task as completed

  • Printing tasks

Managing & Organizing Tasks

  • Changing tasks views

  • Sorting tasks

  • Organizing tasks with folders

  • Organizing tasks with categories

  • Customizing task reminders

  • Customizing the default colours in the task folder

  • Assigning a task

  • Accepting or declining an assigned task

  • Sharing task information with others

  • Updating tasks & sending status reports

Working with Notes

Creating & Organizing Notes

  • Opening the notes folder

  • Creating a note

  • Viewing notes details

  • Modifying a note

  • Creating an appointment from a note

  • Creating a task from a note

  • Sending an e-mail from a note

  • Assigning a note to a contact

  • Modifying note colour

  • Changing the notes view

  • Deleting a note

  • Sharing your notes with others

  • Printing notes