Microsoft Outlook Training – Level 1

Getting Started

Starting Outlook

  • Opening Microsoft Outlook

  • Displaying  the Outlook today view

  • Customizing Outlook today

  • Making Outlook today your default page

  • Closing Outlook

Getting Familiar with the Outlook Screen

  • Using the ribbon

  • Using & customizing the quick access toolbar

  • Using page zooming

The Navigation Pane

  • Using the navigation pane to move around

  • Adding or removing buttons

  • Changing the order of the buttons

  • Resizing the navigation pane

  • Expanding or collapsing the navigation pane

The Reading Pane & To-do List

  • Turning off or on the reading pane

  • Setting the reading pane

  • Turning off or on the to-do bar

  • Expanding or collapsing the to-do bar

  • Customizing the to-do bar

Getting Help

  • Searching help

  • Using the table of content

  • Shortcut for Help

Electronic Mails

Composing E-mail Messages

  • Creating & sending  e-mail messages

  • Shortcut to compose emails

  • Selecting names to address an email message

  • Selecting names using AutoComplete

  • Understanding & using To:, Cc, & Bcc

  • Setting Word as your email editor

  • Writing, editing & formatting message text

  • Resending a message

  • Attaching a file to a message

Receiving & Reading Messages

  • Checking for new messages

  • Reading messages in the reading pane

  • Deleting a message

  • Retrieving a deleted message

  • Opening & saving an attachment

  • Removing an attachment

  • Printing a message

  • Shortcut to send & receive

Responding to Messages

  • Replying to an email message

  • forwarding an email message

  • Using message options

Managing Email Messages

Arranging & Finding Messages

  • Arranging messages

  • Searching messages

  • Filtering messages

  • Removing a filter

  • Applying colour-code to your messages

Managing & Organizing Emails in Folders

Organizing Messages in Folders

  • Creating a new folder

  • Moving a message to a folder

  • Moving folders

  • Cleaning up folders

  • Adding a folder to favourite folders

  • Deleting a folder


Using Contacts

  • Viewing the contact folder

  • Jumping to a name in the contacts folder

  • Searching a specific name in the contacts folder

  • Changing contacts view

Organizing Contacts Information

  • Creating a contact

  • Adding new contacts from email messages

  • Updating contact information

  • Sorting contacts

  • Printing contact information

Using the Address Book

  • Using the address book

  • Opening the address book

  • Adding new contacts

  • Updating the address book

  • Removing a contact

  • Finding a contact in an address book


Using & setting your Calendar

  • Opening your calendar

  • Changing the displayed time range

  • Changing the calendar background colour

  • Setting work week options

  • Displaying several months in the navigation pane

Scheduling Appointments & Events

  • Creating a new appointment or event

  • Viewing Scheduling appointments/events

  • Scheduling recurring appointments/events

  • Shortcut to create a new appointment

Managing & Organizing Activities

  • Switching to a different view

  • Viewing activity details using the reading pane

  • Setting a reminder for an activity

  • Modifying an activity