14. Department of National Defense

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“I went in to Ezee Computer Training for one course – level 1 Excel. Within 45 minutes I was pretty well convinced that I required every other course Jorge could teach. Think you know Microsoft Word because you use it every day? Nope. I was able to learn the hacks and tricks and the systematic methods of integrating Microsoft data from multiple platforms into one. Further, the idea of being able to mass mail without the headache and streamline organizational communications professionally was a practical and will advance my everyday work. Enter data every day into excel so you think you have it down? Nope. With the three levels I was able to stream line my approach to beyond data entry and into building full, integrated and protected workbooks. Use PowerPoint for presentations so you feel that you know the platform? Nope, Jorge is able to teach beyond the basics with power point software and extend information about presentation technique with regards to the technology. Routinely use outlook for all communications? I can tell you, the power of outlook extends that. Jorge is able to show how you can utilize calendars and tasks to efficiently show your work load. I highly recommend the training on all platforms as it will streamline your day to day work and increase your efficiency. “

Helen Brown-Mackay Rehabilitation National Occupational Therapy Coordinator May 21, 2018