Microsoft Word Training – Level 1

GETTING STARTED – microsoft word training

Starting Word

  • Opening Microsoft Word

  • Moving the cursor around

  • Navigating using the keyboard

  • Shortcuts to navigate

Getting Familiar with the Word Screen

  • Identifying parts of the Word screen

  • Using & customizing the quick access tool bar

  • Working with the ribbon

  • Using shortcut lists by clicking right button

  • Using shortcut keys

  • Using the scroll bars & the status bar

  • Using page zooming

New Documents

  • Creating a new blank document

  • Creating a document from a template

  • Shortcut to open a new blank document

  • Saving a document for the first time

  • Saving & creating a new folder

  • Saving another copy of the document

  • Saving a document onto a external hard drive, CD RW or USB drive

Opening & Closing Documents

  • Opening a Word document

  • Closing a document & exiting Word

  • Shortcuts to open, close, & save


Working with Text

  • Entering text into a document

  • Inserting date & time into a document

  • Overtyping text in a document

  • Deleting a word, sentence, & paragraph

  • Delete & backspace shortcuts

  • Inserting an entire document

  • Using the show/hide command

Selecting Text

  • Selecting a word or line of text

  • Selecting a sentence or paragraph

  • Selecting multiple lines of text

  • Selecting an entire document

Undo & Redo

  • Using undo to reverse last action(s)

  • Using redo to recreate an action

Moving & Copying Text

  • Cutting & pasting text

  • Copying & pasting text

  • Moving or copying text with drag & drop

  • Using the clipboard

  • Moving or copying text between documents

  • Cut, copy & paste shortcuts

Document Views

  • Switching to outline or draft view

  • Switching to full screen reading or web view

  • Switching to print layout view

Full Screen Reading View Options

  • Navigating pages through the document

  • Using the navigation pane

  • Jumping to a particular screen using thumbnails

  • Highlighting content you want to remember

  • Revising the document & adding comments


Spelling & Grammar

  • Using spelling & grammar check

  • Using synonyms & thesaurus

  • Finding & replacing text

  • Advanced find & replace options


Font Type & Font Size

  • Changing font type or size

  • Using the grow & shrink buttons

  • Changing the default font type & size

Formatting Text Commands

  • Applying bold, italic & underline

  • Changing the font color

  • Formatting using the font dialog box

  • Copying formatting with the format painter

  • Using subscript or superscript

  • Using change case options

  • Applying text highlight color, effects, & shadows

  • Clearing formatting

Drop Caps

  • Dropping a cap

  • Adding more than one letter to a drop cap

  • Removing a drop cap


Aligning Text

  • Applying align text left

  • Applying align text right

  • Centering a paragraph

  • Justifying a paragraph

Indenting Text

  • Creating first line & hanging indent using ribbon/menu options

  • Creating first line indent with the keyboard

  • Creating left, right, first line, & hanging indent using ruler

Bullets & Numbering Lists

  • Creating a bullet list

  • Creating a number list

  • Using bullets or numbers library

  • Using pictures or symbols as bullets

  • Using special numbering list features

Line or Paragraph Spacing

  • Setting before & after paragraph spacing

  • Adjusting the line spacing within a paragraph

Paragraph Border & Shading

  • Adding border to a paragraph

  • Adding shading to a paragraph


Page Setup Options

  • Setting top, bottom, left& right margins

  • Changing paper size

  • Changing page orientation

Page Borders & Shading

  • Applying a page border

  • Using art in a page border

  • Applying shading to a page


Applying & Creating Styles

  • Applying title, headings or subtitle styles

  • Applying emphasis, strong or quote styles

  • Creating a new style

  • Copying styles between documents

  • Modifying or clearing a style


Previewing & Printing a Document

  • Previewing a document

  • Printing a document

  • Modifying page setup options from the print window

  • Using quick print


Help & Maintenance

  • Searching help

  • Using the table of content

  • Shortcut for Help