Microsoft Excel Training – Level 1


Starting Excel

  • What is a spreadsheet?

  • Opening Microsoft Excel

Getting Familiar with the Excel Screen

  • Identifying parts of the Excel screen

  • Using & customizing the quick access tool bar

  • Using shortcut keys

  • Using the scroll bars & the status bar

  • Using page zooming

Moving around the Cursor

  • Activating a cell using the mouse

  • Moving around using the keyboard

  • Moving around using the name box or go to command

  • Moving to other worksheets within a workbook

  • Shortcuts to navigate

Selecting Cells & Worksheets

  • Selecting a single cell or a range of cells

  • Selecting non-adjacent cells or ranges of cells

  • Selecting a range of cells using shift key

  • Selecting a column, row, or worksheet

  • Selecting multiple worksheets

Entering Data

  • Entering types of data: text, numbers, & dates

  • Editing, replacing or deleting contents in a cell

  • Editing cell content using the formula bar

  • Using spelling & grammar check

  • Using undo or redo

New Workbooks

  • Opening a new blank workbook

  • Saving a workbook & creating a new folder

  • Shortcuts to open & save a new workbook

  • Saving a workbook onto an external hard drive, CD RW or USB drive

  • Creating a new workbook using a built-in template on your computer

  • Working with the compatible mode

Opening & Closing Workbook

  • Opening an Excel workbook

  • Closing a workbook & exiting Excel

  • Shortcuts to open, close, or save

Moving & Copying Data

  • Cutting & pasting data

  • Copying & pasting data

  • Moving or copying data with drag & drop

  • Using the clipboard

  • Cut, copy & paste shortcuts

  • Using the paste special command



  • Cell references

  • Using the Numeric Keypad (numpad)

  • BEDMAS: The precedent order of mathematical operators

  • Entering a formula using both mouse & keyboard

  • Dividing, multiplying, adding, or subtracting

  • Using and understanding parentheses in formulas

  • Editing formulas in the formula bar

  • Copying a single formula

  • Displaying & printing formulas

Quick Calculations

  • Using the status bar to do quick calculations without using formulas

Basic Functions

  • Common Microsoft Excel Functions: Average, Count, Max, Min & Sum

  • Entering functions with the insert function button

  • Entering functions directly in the active cell

  • Using AutoSum command

  • Common Date & Time functions: Now, Date, & Today

  • Common Text functions: Right, Left, Upper, & Lower

Absolute & Relative Cell References

  • Understanding absolute & relative cell references

  • Mixed absolute & relative cell references

  • Creating formulas with absolute, mixed & relative cell references


Formatting Cells

  • Changing font type, size & colour

  • Using the shrink option to resize cell content

  • Changing the default font type & size

  • Applying bold, italic & underline

  • Applying borders & shading

  • Aligning & indenting data

  • Merging or splitting cells

  • Changing numbers to percentages or dates

  • Increasing or decreasing decimal points

  • Using format painter to copy formatting

  • Applying cell styles & themes for quick formatting

  • Using custom or special number formatting

  • Clearing formatting

  • Shortcuts to apply formatting

Columns & Rows

  • Inserting or deleting columns & rows

  • Increasing or decreasing column width & row height

  • Auto fitting column width & row height

  • Hiding or unhiding columns & rows

  • Shortcuts to insert or delete columns & rows

Fill Handle & AutoComplete

  • Using AutoFill or Autocomplete to enter text

  • Using the fill handle to enter custom lists

  • Filling a range of cells with the same data

  • Using the fill handle to enter sequence numbers, days or months



  • Inserting or deleting worksheets

  • Moving or copying worksheets

  • Hiding or unhiding worksheets

  • Renaming worksheets

  • Adding colour to the worksheet tabs


Pictures, ClipArts, Shapes, SmartArts, Hyperlinks, Text Boxes & WordArts

  • Inserting a picture, clipart, shape, or WordArt

  • Inserting a diagram, text box, or hyperlink

  • Formatting Illustrations, links, or text boxes


Working with Charts

  • Chart elements

  • Inserting column, bar, pie, or line charts

  • Moving & resizing charts in the same worksheet

  • Moving an existing chart to another worksheet

  • Changing chart type or data source

  • Switching column/row data

  • Deleting charts

Formatting Charts

  • Inserting, formatting & modifying chart & axis titles

  • Formatting chart & plot area

  • Formatting wall & floor area

  • Changing legend location

  • Changing chart layouts or styles

  • Adding data table

  • Using data label options

  • Formatting data series


Page Setup Options

  • Setting top, bottom, left & right margins

  • Changing paper size

  • Changing page orientation

  • Inserting or removing page break

  • Setting scaling options

  • Aligning data to centre of page

  • Adding headers & footers

  • Printing titles; the same headings in all the pages



Changing Worksheet Views

  • Freezing or unfreezing columns & rows

  • Splitting a worksheet in panes

  • Viewing side by side worksheets & synchronizing scrolling

  • Arranging worksheets


Previewing & Printing a Worksheet

  • Previewing a worksheet

  • Printing a worksheet or selected cells

  • Setting or clearing a print area

  • Printing gridlines or formulas

  • Modifying page setup options from the print window

  • Using quick print


Help & Maintenance

  • Searching help

  • Using the table of contents

  • Shortcut for Help