Microsoft Access Training – Level 1


Getting Familiar with the Access Screen

  • Starting Access

  • Identifying parts of the Access screen

  • Working with the Ribbon & backstage view

  • Using the quick access toolbar

  • Creating a new blank database

Planning & Designing a Database

  • Determining current & future needs

  • Organizing data & selecting fields names

  • Deciding data types for fields

Managing Data Base Files

  • Opening & closing an existing database

  • Using the navigation Pane

  • Working with database objects

  • Exiting Access


Creating a Table in Datasheet View

  • What is a table?

  • Creating a new table in datasheet view

  • Defining  table fields

  • Assigning field names & data types

  • Using the quick add feature

  • Entering, editing, or deleting records

  • Setting field sizes & using best fit

  • Navigating through records

  • Saving a table

Changing Views

  • Switching between design & datasheet view

Creating a Table in Design View

  • Adding fields

  • Selecting data types & entering description

  • Defining a field as a primary key

  • Renaming, rearranging, or deleting fields

  • Using the lookup wizard

Modifying Field Properties

  • Setting field size & formatting

  • Using the input mask

Sorting Records

  • Sorting records in ascending or descending order

  • Sorting records using multiple criteria

Searching Records

  • Finding & replacing records


  • Printing & previewing a table

  • Printing records

  • Changing margins & page orientation


Managing Relationships

  • Understanding relationships

  • Setting primary keys & foreign keys

  • Creating table relationships

  • Types of relationships

  • Viewing related tables

  • Specifying referential integrity

  • Printing database relationships

  • Editing or deleting relationships

  • Displaying related records in a sub-datasheet


Spelling Check

  • Using the spelling check

Getting Help

  • Searching help or using content help


Creating a Query by Using the Wizard

  • What is a Query?

  • Using the simple query wizard

  • Selecting the table source

  • Selecting fields

  • Saving the query

Creating a Query in Design View

  • Adding tables to the design query window

  • Selecting fields & establishing query criteria

  • Creating a multiple related tables query

  • Sorting fields in a query

  • Saving the query

Controlling Queries Output

  • Opening & switching queries to design view

  • Adding, rearranging or deleting fields

  • Sorting the query output

  • Filtering the query output with one or multiple criteria

  • Hiding fields

  • Changing column headings in a query

Filtering Data

  • Filtering  records by selection or by form


Creating Forms by Using the Form Wizard

  • What is a form?

  • Creating a form using the form wizard

  • Saving or renaming a form

  • Sorting records using a form

  • Entering, editing or deleting records using a form

  • Creating a form from related tables

  • Moving within or between records

  • Printing forms

Creating Forms in Design View

  • Switching views: Form, layout, & design view

  • Showing or hiding the  field list

  • Adding or deleting controls

  • Resizing, formatting, or aligning controls

  • Moving controls & labels

  • Displaying form properties

  • Using fields to add controls

  • Adding a form header & footer


Report Views

  • Report view

  • Print preview

  • Layout view

  • Design view

Creating Reports by Using the Report Wizard

  • What is a report?

  • Creating reports based on queries

  • Preparing a report based on two or more tables

  • Modifying reports

Creating a report in design view

  • Using fields to add controls

  • Moving & Resizing controls

  • Adding & formatting controls

  • Changing the report theme

  • Adding headers & footers

Printing Reports

  • Setting page margins & changing page orientation

  • Printing & previewing reports

Microsoft Access Training - Level 2