Personal Computer Training

ECT offers private (One-on-One), personal computer training to anyone who is short on time or prefers working outside formal classroom instruction. Learn computer skills at your convenience & pace, on your own computer at home, at your office, or at our class room location. Receive individual attention to conquer your concerns so that you can achieve your personal computer goals.

Whether you are expanding your current computer skills, embarking on a new career, working toward a big promotion, or starting a post-secondary education, we have the solution!  Our cost-effective learning packages and flexible schedules make it easy and affordable to reach your goal. Enhanced computer skills often help you to a better paying and more stable employment.


  • Our Microsoft Office training will let you master it and take advantage of all of its features!.

  • Microsoft Word training to create great looking documents in a snap!.

  • Microsoft Excel training will help you track your expenses and finances on a spreadsheet.

  • Use the internet to find out the information you need; bookmark the web pages you want to visit again.

  • Write a letter, write down your recipes, plan a party or plan a budget.

  • Research and plan a whole vacation online.

  • Download, play and burn music onto your own customized music CDs.

  • Check real time important information on the web – your bank account balances, your local weather, even the menu of your favourite restaurant.

  • Download your digital photos, create a photo CD and use email to share them with friends and family, and more.

It’s all out there for you to discover, but if the thought of trying to use your own computer and navigate the internet alone sounds intimidating, call us and we’ll work together to make sure you meet all your goals. Please contact us to arrange a private training or for more information.